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Official Rules 2000 Edition

1.00 - Objectives of the Game
2.00 - Definition of Terms
3.00 - Game Preliminaries
4.00 - Starting & Ending Game
5.00 - Putting the Ball in Play
6.00 - The Batter
7.00 - The Runner
8.00 - The Pitcher
9.00 - The Umpire
10.00 - The Official Scorer

This code of rules is written to govern the playing of baseball games by professional teams of the American League of Professional Baseball Clubs, the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs, and the leagues which are members of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues. We recognize that many amateur and non professional organizations play their games under professional rules, and we are happy to make our rules available as widely as possible. It is well to remember that specifications as to fields, equipment, etc., may be modified to meet the needs of each group. Money fines, long term suspensions and similar penalties imposed by this code are not practicable for amateur groups, but officers and umpires of such organizations should insist on strict observance of all the rules governing the playing of the game. Baseball not only has maintained its position as the National Game of the United States, but also has become an International Game being played in seventy seven countries. Its popularity will grow only as long as its players, managers, coaches, umpires and administrative officers respect the discipline of its code of rules.